Saturday, 29 September 2012


I just launched my new campaign late last night for my new project CITY OF SIN!

THANK YOU to everybody who has backed it so far, and to those who have promoted it! It's at $872 at the moment, so very happy it's got a push at the start. I'm a VERY positive person but it ALWAYS amazes me when anybody backs me with any amount, or Retweets me! I always hope for the best, but I never assume anything in this life. So I feel very positive that it's moving. 

I plan to do videos, live spots, and daily blog posts to really get across the full vision for this project that I want to do. I want to clear up EVERY single area before the end of the campaign. I thought I would start with the $1 perk offer with SCREEN. A few people asked why I am giving it for $1. Some get it, some don't. Those of you that know kickstarter well, will get it. To clarify,

I'm offering pre-release previews of my current horror film SCREEN. I am basically using this film to help get my next project rolling. Which is what I always do. I have it on kickstarter for my CITY OF SIN campaign. It's on the $1 perk. If you pledge, you get to see it NOW. 

"SCREEN" on $1 perk

There's many factors to making a campaign successful. I will do lots of wrong things on this campaign, but I do know the importance of having "The Crowd" The more people you can get behind you, the more potential "promoters" you have. You can't do it on your own. That support is crucial to the success of crowd funding. 

Offering my movie for $1 hopefully attracts people to check it out. If people like it, or at least see my potential, then hopefully they might increase their pledge later, or share my campaign to their social networks. I couldn't afford to buy that sort of help, so offering a preview of my film for $1 is a GREAT deal for me. I'm an unknown filmmaker in a sea of content, so if you can get people to even watch your film today, and then shout for you, It's a no brainer! 

I made SCREEN with a lot of help and resources. I had under $4000 to make it, so I also want to show potential supporters what kind of film I can make for very little. $50,000 looks low for this ambitious CITY OF SIN project, but it's more than enough to make this project happen with the way I work. If I have cash, it's then easy for me to hustle resources, deals, and sponsorships worth four times this amount.

It's my job as a filmmaker to solve problems with an entrepreneurial approach. Any clown can spend money! However, we all have a baseline for a particular project. $50,000 is mine for CITY OF SIN $150,000 is comfortable, but I don't do comfortable. It's a bad discipline. SCREEN should have cost $100,000, but I would still be talking about making it if I took that approach. Action is the key!

If you want to see SCREEN. Pledge to the $1 perk on my kickstarter page. All backers will then be able to access the private "Updates" section. The link to the HD video stream of SCREEN is there. The password is also there. 

BLOG POST 2 coming tomorrow.



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