Friday, 8 February 2013


I like to move fast and break things cheaply, because I can quickly define and distill the approach that works for me. Life is too short and cash is to scarce to make huge mistakes over long periods of time. I'm allowed to conclude that, because I have the experience of making all these mistakes I talk about. I don't just pull theories out of my ass. That's my approach to this long term CITY OF SIN project because of my past experience. 

You can waist YEARS of your life in this business pursuing money for projects, before you have even learned to be a filmmaker. And in this new world, you can also spend years on projects, and you still have to fight for them to get seen. For me, it's better to be prolific and drip out a body of work over the years. Even if it's flawed, as potential fans could get what you are trying to get to with time, money, and experience. My best work is way ahead. At the moment, I'm really just learning how to juggle so many things, and learn new skills for the journey ahead. 

I would rather be the type of person that gets things moving with work that is flawed out of the gate, than wait around and dream with those perfect masterpieces in my head that never leave my head. The more I do it on a regular basis, the more skilled I will become. If I am making several films a year, I'm learning a lot of skills fast! But that's not why I do it. I need to create. I just have to do this shit! And I want to be good at it in every area one day. 

Ok i'm off to break something else!

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