Monday, 15 July 2013


Dear Supporters,
First of all, I'm not really in touch to tell you the progress of SCREEN. The last update still covers this period, as I still plan to have the perks out to you by October. Nothing has changed there. 
I was prompted by this post I saw that was retweeted by @shericandler. Don't get me wrong, I do update you folks. I'm sure there's filmmakers that barely update at all. But they are not my concern. I just know I could always be better. 

I have no regrets about many of the things I have done. But this did strike a nerve. Made me reevaluate my approach. If I don't learn from mistakes, I'm over in this biz. 
I had a VERY tough experience in Tulsa making SCREEN. But what kept me pushing against almost impossible odds, was the fact that other people backed me. I HAD to come back with the film. It wasn't executives that backed me. It was you folks. Other filmmakers, school bus drivers, shop assistants, all sorts of people from various walks of life.
Nobody here or elsewhere has ever complained about the length of time the perks have taken to get. So I'm extremely grateful for your patience. Several of you have told me you don't even care about the perks. You said you gave me the money to gave see me pursue my dream. However, It's my job still to deliver. And I will.
Also, I have no regrets about juggling another project, before my other two are out yet. This world is changing so fast, so if I don't evolve with it, I have no doubt I will sink. I have to go with my gut feeling about things. Sure my path has changed, evolved, took another direction since you all funded me. But I don't apologise for that.
However, could I do better in terms of communication, keeping backers up to date more often, or really letting you get an insight into what I am trying to do? 100% Yes! This post I saw today woke me up to that. If we crowd fund, we should all look at ourselves. I did today.
My communication should be a little more than an update every few months. After all, I think many people backed "The filmmaker" to see where they go with all this. I sometimes think because I am posting to social media all the time, everybody gets all the latest info. But obviously backers should get exclusive communication for backing. 
Bear with me I'm getting to the point! 
I also have backers that helped me raise post production funds. Around $3000. And a very small group of backers for my short film I made as a test for CITY OF SIN. They got access to some private videos. My point is, EVERYBODY should have got that option to see what I am doing. From ALL campaigns.
So here's what I plan to do
My plan is to give ALL backers the option to follow my progress via the one private site.  A site that is more about a story journey, rather clinical facts about my progress! To be honest, I know that's what I would like to see from others. I really don't back others for perks, but because I believe in them. So it would be cool to see how creatives tackle this all biz through the ups and downs.
Anyway, my point is simple. I'm still pushing to build CITY OF SIN from nothing, and I will get the film SCREEN you guys funded out there with the perks. But I just wanted to let you know the address of the new site for weekly updates for ALL my backers. 

Password: redrum

Hey, if you don't want it, that's cool! I know we don't all stay socially connected to each other online. However, outside that, you still backed me! So you deserve getting the option of keeping up to date with the project you backed. And like I said, not just the project, but the "filmmaker". if you want to of course. If I decide I don't want to share my life with backers, I wouldn't. I know I don't have to.
However, I don't want to start giving some backers the options of this, and not to others, as you folks all helped to get me moving again. That's where I really made a mistake. My communication about my filmmaking efforts should be the same for ALL backers. This post today made me look at myself to see where I could improve for the future. 
Like I have always said, I do a LOT of shit wrong. But I'm never comfortable with my mistakes in every area. I can get the hang of all this over this next few years in terms of making films, building an audience. But I have to get this other side right as best as I can too. Not because of "Good PR" shit! People that know me know I am not into bullshit insincerity. I'm brutally honest. 
I just want to get things right. I want to do the right thing. If people have believed in me ALL through this journey, then they deserve to get the option of more communication. From next week, you will get that. Whether I am successful or not on this new campaign.   
Thanks for all your support and understanding. I want to get better at this. Forgive me for my mistakes over the years. I'm trying to get all this right in every area. 
All the best to you all.
Best regards

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