Tuesday, 5 February 2013


Just completed "CALL GIRL

The idea for this film came around Jan 10th, then I cast, raised a little money online, and the post production is now complete. I'm uploading it now for the cast, and the small group of backers to see. It will then be released online tomorrow for free. My date is a little later than planned because January got off to a slower start because of the holidays, so I will release it online tonight after 12pm UK time. 

I have done three features. "Call Girl" is the first short film (29 minutes) Like every film, I learned a lot. It's a never ending learning process. I have been trying to create a personal model with the "City Of Sin" destination for my films. The indie film industry and many other creative industries are all looking for a model today. The smart one's know there really is no mass model that works for everybody.

I think the key is simply about about creating good work on a regular basis, and build your fan base. And be open to other opportunities that come from that too. Or of course, try and get a job in the industry if you want that. 

My "City Of Sin" idea is purely a model that I see working for me personally. However, it has a few flaws. Which I knew would happen, but I like to experiment to find out what parts work for me, and what parts don't. So I will continue with the "City Of Sin" branded destination for my work, but there will be a few changes. Which I will blog about tonight when I release the film. 

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