Tuesday, 5 March 2013


I rarely do things the way you are supposed to do them. I do what's right for me personally. Whether it's classed as right or wrong. I'm writing 5 films at the moment. Stories that all connect with each other in Las Vegas. 

When I'm creating I like to move fast. Too much over thinking, in the first draft stage anyway, kills me! Providing I have a good idea to start with of course. I like the speed of thought. Whether that's writing, shooting, editing. Moving too slow leads to me talking myself out of something. "Ohh this was a bad idea anyway!" Or " I should have went into the cow shit business!"

I can come up with an idea for a film in hours, or days if I really had to, but most of my film ideas were subconsciously planted years ago. Literally hundreds of them for years. Now, I only play around with the one's in my head that I know that have a possibility of being made. It keeps me moving, feeds the spirit.

These Vegas stories at the moment are being written fast. I had them all last year, but now that all the characters interconnect with each other, there's a lot of redrafting going on. I don't use screenwriting programs to write, and I don't write with a pen and paper. My ideas flow better when I'm away from my computer. 

Going for a walk and just focussing my head on the writing is the way I like to do it. I like to talk through scenes, structure, lines into my phone. Of course it's all open to change later, but this is the best way for me at the early stages. I can't write in front of my computer. A blank screen doesn't inspire me. 

I have the same problem as a lot of writers when I decide to do that. You suddenly find an excuse to clear the fridge, check that email, or check out twitter. I'm focussed, but writing is the weirdest thing. I really need to be walking around in my head for the first drafts. Which kind makes sense to me.


Anyway, I write on this cool little voice recorder app. I have tried several. I like this one for the moment. I know there's many options out there, but I like this. I have created 5 folders for each film. Once I start the app, I just shake the phone, then it starts to record. You can pause it too. You can then name each audio file easy, and then select what folder it goes into. It's simple and fast. 

Once I have fully fleshed out many areas, I then transfer to index cards, then I start writing the script. Which is obviously already written, so its just a matter of copying from the phone to the page. I then rewrite on the computer. Rewriting is really what it's all about for me. First draft for me is to just get all these ideas, scenes, lines out of your system. 

I am not sponsored by this app to write about it. I just wanted to share how I write, and what I use to write at the early stages. It's only a tool of course. Like all the tech tools in this business. But my mind works better when I can be fast and very organised . This works for me. 



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