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Six films will be made for the City Of Sin world if I reach my kickstarter target. They really are like mini movies. They are all character driven stories with some very messed up individuals, but they are all wrapped in strong genre concepts. 

I'm going to make films for adult audiences.  Here's the latest pitch below. A film that would be the first to be released over the web with within the City of Sin universe.

"VEGAS PENTHOUSE MASSACRE" is the story that would be the first film to be released from the "City Of Sin" World. I'm a huge fan of grindhouse movies, but I also like intelligent high tension character driven stories. I have one here! If you took Hollywood, indie art films, grindhouse, and porn flicks, and put them into a blender, then served. That's close to what you will get with my City Of Sin films. I promise you, I will blow you the fuck away with them!

VPM is about a gang of armed men who storm a corporate party in Vegas. The gang leader wanted to strike at the CEO of the company at the most vulnerable time. He has all his business associates, family, friends, and children at the companies 25th anniversary. He even has his pets there! 

The evil gang leaders plan is to expose the companies evil deeds and broadcast them to the world via the internet. The only way he will get them to confess what they have done, is by threatening to kill and torture every man, woman, and child at the party. He will kill them all, unless they don't come clean with what the company has done over the last 25 years. 

This will be a strong character driven film, but also an edge of the seat exploitation thriller.


A lot of video and picture teasers will be dripped out a few months before the film is released. These teasers will be created to build anticipation, mystery, character development. Example
  • Video from TV news reporters outside the hotel when they get news of the assault that has taken place
  • Footage of the gang in Vegas preparing two days before on phones. They want the world to see this footage
  • CCTV footage from the hotel room roof.
  • All the people in the party take video/pics before the party and when they are stormed. They leak content online as they plead for help from all over the huge penthouse
  • CSI footage after the party
  • Footage from characters at the party days before this happens, so you get to know them before these horrible events.
All this footage will be shot and dripped out to the City of Sin social media, website, app, to help expand the story and to promote the movie. This is the type of footage that really has the chance of building an audience. This is my approach with all my City of Sin films. 

My campaign is not going well at the moment. That's not because my work sounds bad. It's party because I never got off to a good push at the start, for many reasons. (Full-time job didn't help) And in turn, people follow the crowd. If they don't see a lot of backers, even if it looks great, they stay away. 

But believe me, I am going to make great work. There really isn't a great deal of rock and roll spirit in filmmaking today. I don't need the mass crowd, I need a small group of individuals that get what I am trying to do. Once City Of Sin is launched, I will start to grow a new type of audience that way. 

Back me, and I promise you, you won't regret it! You will be glad you did. I'm ready to create a new type of story telling, and a prolific amount on it. I have spent the last few years in training to get to this point. Now it's time to go to the next level.


I will have 75 people for the party scene in VPM. 25 of these people will be professional actors. I have 50 positions left for people that want to be in this film. You won't just be an extra, you really will be a character in this film. You will also get to shoot phone and picture footage that I will use in the film and promo campaign. 

This perk was $400 each, but I have created some lowest cost offers. First come first served basis. 20 roles at $110 each, then the same again at $200. Then 10 final roles at $400. You obviously have to get to Vegas yourself. Kickstarter link ( Your credit card will only be charged if I make my kickstarter target)

This film would be shot in the penthouse over a long weekend. I would need you for two days. So if you came to Vegas for a long weekend, you could appear in the film and have some other fun in Vegas too. 

I already have three top hotels offering me suites for an extremely low cost, so I can do this film no problem if I meet my target. I have shot in Vegas before in some of the biggest locations. I shot in the stratosphere tower, The Stardust hotel, numerous areas with a large crew. Today, so much easier! 

I am confident this film and all the others will get a buzz across the global web when made and launched. You can be part of history by appearing in "VEGAS PENTHOUSE MASSACRE" You will all get some signed merchandise at the party too.


I have a few spaces for people who can appear at the party, from anywhere in the world. If you are interested, send me a message about this on the kickstarter site, or my links below. I can explain how I will do it, and how you will appear.

The City of Sin slate of films will start in Dec. The Vegas shoot between February and March. 

Check out the campaign below if you want to be part of these fantastic films.  

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