Thursday, 4 October 2012


I'm currently raising the finance for "City of Sin" on Kickstater. You can see my page and video pitch on the link below this video. These extra videos will expand on many other areas about the project. PS Correction in video graphic. ( Perk is $25, not £25)

If my campaign is successful, $25 backers will get access to my private video channel. I will upload a mini doc web series every week. This will chart every aspect of this grass roots approach to building the City of Sin universe. The first video will start one week after the campaign, and every week after that. I will have this channel for at least 1 year as I shoot in the UK and US. 

Any level of support is extremely appreciated! Even a $1 backer, because that also means I probably have a supporter that will RT me too at the big end push. The more people I have doing that, the more chance of success. So if you have $1, or can RT, it's very welcome.

Thanks for watching

Next video tomorrow

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