Sunday, 7 October 2012

The first six stories will be a mixture of various dark genres. They all have pretty extreme characters, criminals, call girls, killers. An ensemble of lost souls, but characters we can forgive because we can see ourselves in them if we took the wrong turn. Here is a sample of one below. This is an old chestnut but with a fresh angle and twist.

GENRE: Black comedy
It's the only comedy film in the slate. A very funny story but the main character is not trying to be funny. We are just watching a man in meltdown trying to redeem himself. He's stuck in this ground hog day like prison. I'm a HUGE fan of Jack Lemmon and his dark comedy films. "SOLD OUT" will have that type of playing it straight comedy.

I pitched this story "SOLD OUT" for the "City Of Sin" world to (Actor, Stand up comedian)  Kevin Pollak  "The Usual Suspects" "Casino" "A Few Good Men" "Comedy Central 's Top 100 Stand-ups of All Time"

He loved the concept! He's interested in the project. He said I could use his name, and deal permitting, schedule, he's interested if I get the project funded. I'm mainly using new talent, but it really helps me get launched if I can bring some names on board too. 


I have been a fan of Kevin, especially since he embraced the web and built his online Kevin Pollak Talk show from nothing. He's perfect for this role, and he gets where it's all going with the web.

I connected with him on twitter in February 2009 when I first created an account. He had just joined and was tweeting funny tweets on the night of the Oscars. He got the idea for an online talk show, and within weeks, it was up and running online. It was amazing to watch it all come together from nothing. 

A group of us helped tweet it out at the grass roots level, and I exchanged a few messages with him. I almost got involved with one of his talks shows for the Cannes film festival, but I never pushed any pitches or scripts on him. It's not how I approach the work at this time. I have just focussed learning my skills. I'm doing a marathon in this biz, not a sprint! If you get all that right, talented collaborators will follow when the time is right. Names and new talent. 

However, over the years since then, I really did come up with a part that I could see Kevin in. Every time I saw him on the twitter timeline, or on his online talk show, I saw Nicky Angel! Which is very odd, because I had no intension of trying to get a full movie like this made. Like most of my stories, they come to me fast, and I file them away. Some of them were not suitable for features, but I wrote them anyway just to get them out of my system. 

Like I said, I have never pitched him anything, until yesterday. Because I feel the part and the timing is right. I could just see him in this role. When I decided to dedicate myself to this City of Sin world, this 30-45 story came to my attention again. It made sense in this type of world of content I am trying to kickstart. A world full of varied genres. 

All my stories in the City of Sin have a way to travel across other platforms within the story. The web plays a big part in the ending of "SOLD OUT", and Nicky Angel promo videos. We could have a lot of fun with it, and there's interactive elements where an audience, or extras can be involved. 


A story about a Bill Hicks like character who can't get on TV anymore because of his rants about the world. He's broke, so his agent gets him a deal in Vegas to play to a mainstream audience. He's also good at doing movie star impressions, but he saves these lighthearted skits for friends at parties. He's encouraged to develop these for the Vegas act. 
15 years later, he's still there, but only in body! All he does is skit like entertainment for the masses. His shows are sold out every night, but he's spiralling!. He's the Elvis of comedy who has literally done a deal with the devil. He now wants to break his contract to redeem himself. 
The devil will not free him from the contract, so he has to come up with a plan to try and free his soul. He has a plan to do a live show on the internet. It will either kill him for good, or free him from the contract and himself!


This is just one of the stories in the City of Sin. If you want to help give birth to this universe and stories, check out the kickstarter campaign. Various cool perks are on offer. You can even appear in this world or this story or others as an extra. I will share very brief pitches of some of the other stories this week.


  1. People are starting to take notice inside and outside the industry man. Keep moving and it will all fall into the place it is meant to be.

    1. Thanks Joseph. Will be there until the end my friend. :)