Wednesday, 28 November 2012


Ok! I don't have a pot to piss in! (UK expression for ) I barely have a dime in my pocket! 

However, that's my secret weapon! When you're back is up against the wall. When you have no comfort zone, when you are done with waiting for permission, you move your ass! if you can't find a way, you MAKE a way! 

If you really are a filmmaker, you just do it! As little as 4 years ago I was cleaning car parks in MacDonalds. I had no money, no connections online at all, and that last time I made a film was six years before. 

Now I have two features, two US names attached, and three more interested. (They are watching how this pans out) And have access to a lot of new talent in UK, USA, and Europe! I'm back to the way I did it in the past! Roll my sleeves up, make it happen! Get the ball rolling! You can't just move if you are after $100,000 or more, but that's EXACTLY why I make films so cheaply. So I'm not trapped. 


THE FAMILY (Previous blog post here

Thanks to a very tiny group of people that believe in me, I have around £700 at this minute. Possibly more on the way. And access to a LOT of resources. SCREEN was shot for about £2,500. That was a 90 minute movie. City Of Sin films are 30-40 mins in length.

Ed Burns recently shot his 90 minute feature "Newly Weds" for 9K. Before anybody pulls me up on it, yeah yeah I know delivery, post costs etc. However, my films are being made for the web-mobile. I will be COMPLETELY outside the industry. Until I make this a success anyway.

If you really are a filmmaker, it's your job to make it happen with almost no money. Just like Rodriguez, Nolan, and countless others did before digital technology. If our script costs a lot more, then we pull out cheaper screenplays we can make. For me, making shit happen is REALLY important today. 

THE FAMILY is not an easy crime film to pull off with no money. I could play it safe and go for a small two hander story in the city for the City of Sin debut. However, since it is the debut film. It needs to pack a punch! 

I have NEVER played it safe. I'm terrified! That's exactly why I need to do this film. Not just a film, but the spark to a creative business. If I had a budget, there's no fear at all, But at this level, its scary. But it should be or what am I really doing!

Backers will get access to behind the scenes video of me making this happen. Every 7-10 days. I will post shorter videos and pics to  my social networks. Time to move!


I have a couple of distributors interested in SCREEN. Straight for VOD release! ( It's a $4000 film) Trying to squeeze them for a price. If they don't do the deal, I will do VOD myself. However, a couple have woke up to the fact this could have sequels, or even a remake. That's why I am also moving with this other project too, it's then easier on me to play the waiting game. 

I'm currently building up global horror blogs at the minute. It's why I am done with this old way of making a film every two years. My new way is a film a month, then get it to the world fast to build the audience. Life is too short! You can follow updates for SCREEN here.

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