Tuesday, 22 January 2013


I'm attempting to make and release one film every month under the "City Of Sin" brand. Basically urban set stories in various cities in the UK, then USA, and eventually Europe. For the moment, my focus is purely on one film at a time. "Call Girl" is the first film in the slate. 


Chloe works as a Call Girl in the city. She has worked for Ray for the past five years. She wants a change. Technology and attitudes are changing the world, so she wants to evolve and move with it. She also has problems with a stalker who is beginning to creep her out. She considers one last job that might solve her problems in the "City Of Sin". The film stars Vanessa-May Dolphin & Stephen Brady. With support from Paul Reeves. 


When I announced I wanted to try and get the ball rolling on this, I got a few people offering paypal donations to fund the first one. I started moving with it, but when I called in the pledges, less than half actually materialised. It was christmas and new year, so I fully understand January is not a good time for people. I know people can have good intentions, so I understand. EVERYBODY is looking for money. 

However, I had already got the ball rolling based on pledges, so I still had to move because I had taken money from people that did donate to me. In turn, it was a VERY tough shoot, as I only had half the budget I needed. I needed a full weekend shoot, and I shot about 14 hours for a 20 minute film. 

I am a guy that makes films for nothing. Even on the other side of the world. I always push myself, but this time it was really pushing it with so many scripted scenes with lots of dialogue. Despite this, I have 80% of the film shot, but I need to shoot another evenings worth in the city flat this weekend to make it work. I need to raise exactly £300 ( Just under $500) If you can help, check out here. 

If I can do that, I can still deliver the film online by the 31st. ( 30th  Jan for backers) I also have some potential sponsors interested for the next one or two films, so this first one really could get the ball rolling. And of course, I'm giving "Call Girl" for free, so hopefully people might donate a little after they see it to fund the next one.

If I can get three or four films done, I'm in a better position for a spring kickstarter campaign for the US shoot, or I could go back to some investors that were interested. They just want to see I can make and release a film a month. Either way, my goal is to keep it simple. Shoot and release a film a month! 

After making three features over years, I now want to experiment, be a lot more prolific, and completely use the web-mobile devices to get my work to people. If I build an audience like many youtubers do, then I will also extend some of these films, have characters we saw before cross into other stories.


I didn't really get any behind the scenes stuff on this shoot, because we had so little time. But I have a good bit of time scheduled for it if I can get the reshoot done. I also plan to bring somebody on all the next films, just to focus on shooting all the behind scenes content for me. I do know how important that is, as I do believe people like to see this too. If I build this like I believe I can, then I guess that is a story on it's own. I also want to promote all the people that work on my films in many ways. If I promote them, they in turn promote the latest film and the "City Of Sin" site.


I have done three features films. but I also learned so much this weekend. I am setting up a section in my City Of Sin website to share a lot of the stuff I learn. Not to share advice, just to share how I am doing it. People can then decide for themselves if they can take anything from it. The small successes and failures that lie ahead. The arrow above points out where this section will be soon on the Rebel Mouse page on my website. 


I think I can do a film a month, and I can see the potential for these characters and stories to go further too, but I just need to get this train rolling. I really feel this is the new way to do it for me personally. I can build something special and unique here. But of course, we all need support at the start. 


If you want to donate to help finish "Call Girl", check out the perks  on the website. You can get a credit in the film, on IMDB, or you can even APPEAR in the film from ANYWHERE in the world. You could also sponsor the video section. 


I will always share most of my content with everybody, but I also want to show backers some videos first. There's a couple of videos online at this minute at the EXCLUSIVE ACCESS area on the website and on a sub page below that. CONTENT FROM FILM Backers should already have the password I sent. 

Thanks for following my project. Many thanks to my cast and Robert for the commitment to the film. They were all great! 



David Paul Baker

Vanessa-May Dolphin

Stephen Brady

Paul Reeves

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